How to DIY a Flower Wreath Decorations in Spring 2019

You can give your DIY crafts a whole new look just by changing the color of the paper you use. Trying a different material can also be a fun way to switch things up. For this project, I took patterns from some of my other projects and used different colors to create the anemones, mums, and succulents you see here. Since this is a paper flower wreath for fall, I chose shades that are perfect for the season. Pink and saffron also happen to be very trendy! Plus I just love them.

To help you get started on your paper flower wreath for fall, I listed all the tools and materials I used as well as the steps to follow. You can also watch our collections below.

In these collections, we show Tanner how to make the anemones, mums, and succulents for this wreath. I also share some tips as we transform our paper into flowers. I hope you have as much fun making this as we did!

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