20+ New Collection Of The Trend Stiletto Nails

When you think about pointy nails the first thought that comes to mind is that they are extremely popular these days. Lots of edgy celebrities are rocking this trendy look, so why shouldn’t you try it out? But, we must warn you that this shape is going to attract lots of attention, you should better be ready for that!

In case you are wondering how to get pointy nails, all you need is a good file and a precise eye, so that you make sure that both sides of your fingernail are even. The thing is that you have to file your nails into claws, and we are not exaggerating here, the pointier your nails are – the better. It is also falsely considered that you need to have super long nails to pull off this form, but stiletto nails medium also exist, it all depends on your preferences.

As for how to do stiletto nails on natural nails – you can always grow out your nails or opt for gel or acrylic nail application. Now, it is time to share some fresh ideas to style your claws with!

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