16+ Classic And Traditional Easy Red Coffin Christmas Nails Designs

Red is the classic and traditional Christmas color. On any nail art, they pop. Let your creativity run wild on these ones. You can either choose to have them plain or you can add other decorations on some fingers such as a snowman, snowflakes or Christmas lights, you can also mix and match the colors to make the design your own either way they will still capture a lot of attention.

These are so popular and nothing screams Christmas holiday like Santa. With these Santa easy Christmas nail art designs, you will be winning.  You can opt for the simpler version where you have a white stripe going along the center vertically and along the edge of the nail horizontally to give that Santa belly vibe. You can also add a belt. The other option is having a whole Santa’s head with a beard.

Red and white always go well together and that has no exception when it comes to nail art. They are classy, sophisticated, they pop and don’t require so much time to recreate depending on how detailed the design is.

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