How to Make Almond Marble Nails

Marble nail art has become very popular. This is no surprise as marble nails look super stylish and chic! There are so many ways to use marble art in nails. You can wear it with any color, add glitter, gems and more. To get you inspired, we have found some stunning marble nail ideas for you to try. We have something for everyone, from bold colors to elegant metallic designs.

The first design we have to show you are these beautiful white marble nails. Two of the nails are a light pink shade with one gem and two marble accent nail. The marble is grey and silver. These nails are so pretty and stylish. Wear on any nail length or shape.

Marble nail art looks so chic and it works beautifully with glitter. Here we have a stunning example. Some of the nails are black and gold glitter but there are two accent designs. One is gold glitter and one is marble with a gold embellishment. These are gorgeous nails that would look amazing for a special occasion.


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