30+ Outstanding Emerald Green Nails Art Designs For You

30+ Outstanding Emerald Green Nails Art Designs For You

Emerald green nail polish with cat-eye effect seems to be mesmerizing to the point when it is hard to take the eyes off. It looks like melted jewels on your fingernails, don’t you think?

With this manicure you will look glamorous at any time. Metallic colors are those that contribute to the glamour but only if they are used smartly and with measure!

Without proper and shaped nails, there are no real ladies and women with style. Dear ladies whether you have short or long nails, always let them be tidy and stiff. Beautiful hands are something that many people notice first on another person. If they are nicely colored and nicely shaped, you will give the impression of a carefree lady and a woman who looks after her appearance. The beautiful embedded nails send a clear and powerful message about you to others, and surely they are a beautiful fashionable detail that gives to your appearance a special seal and completes it. In order to have healthy and strong nails it is important to pay attention to their care.

Emerald Cat Eye Design

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