Filling Your Home with Favorite Christmas Scents- Pink Candles

Set the mood for the holiday season by filling your home with our favorite Christmas scents. Nothing is quite as cozy as a candle-lit abode, and the decadent aromas of the winter season should be embraced in your favorite spaces. From earthy frasier fit to sweet peppermint, there are endless ways to create an inviting (and scented) atmosphere this year.

In this gorgeous and decadent holiday candle, ripened grapefruit is combined with lavender, geranium, and nectar, lending a more floral holiday aroma. The cozy smells of Christmas come to life in this beautiful shimmering holiday candle. Featuring the essence of clove, jasmine, lily, vanilla, amber, patchouli, sandalwood and coconut, this candle blends our favorite scents for a perfectly wintery aroma.

The sweet scent of freshly baked cookies will take you back to memories of baking holiday treats each winter. This sugar cookie candle puts a sophisticated twist on the classic smell of your favorite festive baked goods, with Tahitian vanilla bean, bourbon-infused caramel, and sugarcane crystals.

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