59+ Christmas Nail Art Ideas for Early 2020

If you want to have an almost subtle Christmas nail art then you can always go for the color combinations that are normal yet fitting towards the festive occasion. You can also go for simpler designs such as French tips or plaid designs which also work for any type of occasion.

The important thing is you can find the perfect Christmas nail art design that you are looking for and that you can recreate it on your own nails just in time for the Christmas celebration. Adorable and cute reindeer inspired Christmas art. Draw various reminders on your nails with huge cute eyes and a red nose for Rudolph. Really pretty snowflakes and reindeer Christmas nail art. Give tribute to silhouettes and glorious looking snowflakes with this nail art reference.

Christmas nail art starring the snowman, a candy cane, and mistletoe. Perfect nail art to go with this festive season and very adorable to look at as well. Gold and white themed Christmas nail art. Bring in the white and gold colors. Use glitter polish for the gold and white polish for the rest of the design. It looks beautiful and elegant at the same time.

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