35+ Perfect Winter Nails For The Holiday Season

The biggest thing for a winter nail art design is the snowflakes. They help make the nail design shine through and easily give out the winter vibe from your nails. Look into the pretty shapes of snowflakes and get inspired by them. The trick in making snowflakes work on your nail art design is getting the right brush with thin bristles. You can even get nail brush kits that help you recreate snowflakes on your nails.

Winter nail art designs can range from matte to intricate designs that use layer on layer of nail polish techniques. It really doesn’t matter how many techniques you use on a nail art designs, what’s important is that you known how to combine them so that you produce a really pretty looking overall winter nail design.

Snowflakes, glitters and red shades are the thing and they give you the best color combinations. You don’t have to worry about what kind of nail design you should use because even the simplest French manicure can be changed into something amazing with help from winter nail art references that you can look up and combine to create your very own winter nail art designs.


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