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30+ Stunning Burgundy Nails Designs That will Conquer Your Heart

Burgundy nail polish is a great choice for those women who are sick and tired of lovely pastel colors on their nails. These bloody hot burgundy hues are really a great choice. They look friendlier than black nails and are darker than red ones. Their wine hues can be even romantic sometimes. Because of their darkness, the bloody burgundy nails look elegant and posh. They can suit any occasion and different clothes because of that. If you now want some inspiration, you better scan the following top trendy designs.

The unique design painted by hand is the perfect definition of nail art. It may be a little bit more time consuming, but the result will totally be worth it since your nails will look like no one else’s. You can grab one of these ideas to create something of your own. Floral art or tribal patterns, for example, never look the same, they are always unique and fascinating!

French tips are the definition of a classy and stylish lady. But sometimes traditional tips become boring. And when you think that you are ready for an experiment, we may have something stored for you. Not to go over the edge, we suggest you to upgrade your glossy burgundy manicure with a nice shiny gold stripe. So simple and so gorgeous!