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    When Is the Best Time to Visit Prague?

    When Is the Best Time to Visit Prague? Early snow in Prague | Czech Republic There is usually some snow in Prague before Christmas and then again in January, February, and even March, but every Prague winter is different. The good news is that January and February are Prague’s least touristy months, so you may be able to book your trip at the last minute and come to Prague during a snowy spell. As we mention in our Czech Weather section, the weather in Czechia cannot be predicted very far in advance and can vary noticeably from year to year. In general, your best chance of nice weather is in…

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    Wooden House Best Home Decorating Ideas

    Today I want to share with you a home decor idea about one wooden house. The flat is near the Olympic Pier in Corona. This place can totally enjoy the view of the bay. The flat is about 56 square meters, designed by Cometa Architects. This apartment surrounds a wooden cottage with a toilet, closet, laundry room, kitchen and storage on the right, front-facing living space and bedroom, and bathroom. The designer removed all the partition walls, freeing up unnecessary space and creating an open home space.

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    How to pick the perfect bridesmaid dress?

    I assume that you are the bridesmaid because you are looking out for a colorful gown. Well, it is generally seen that bridesmaids wear blue, peach or yellow-colored gowns. However, to precisely decide upon the color of your gown, you first need to decide the style of your dress. That is only when you will realize if the color is matching the style of not. However, if you are not sure or if you are holding any doubts about it then it is advisable to make a trip to a highly reputed bridal dress shop such as OSTTY as there you will get to see extensive dress options, as well…

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    Which color of gown will look good on me?

    If you are fair then I think you should go for a stark colored gown. Maybe a hot red or fuschia pink. Try a new color like neon orange. Other colors that you can try are royal blue or emerald green. If it is a daytime event, try a lavender shade or a light shade of purple. pastel colors would also be a good choice. Your best bet is to pick among colors of clothing that compliment your skin, hair and eye color. You can get a free color analysis done at a website such as ColorChromatic | Be Chromatic That said, if you are planning to wear bright makeup, you…

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    2020 Trend Color Ideas for the Gowns

    The color experts at Pantone have declared Classic Blue the color of the year for 2020, which means classic blue hues will be a popular and gorgeous option for evening gowns this year. Classic blue evening gowns are always a safe choice that you can never go wrong with it for any formal occasion. And now they are “oh so hard to resist” when classic blue becomes the color of the year. Beige is dependable, conservative, and flexible. The color beige is neutral, calm, and relaxing. The attributes and meanings associated with beige change based on the colors it accompanies. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of…

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    2020 Trend Design for the Spring Season

    This 2020 season is one we are really excited about, and we know you will be too. Designers gifted us with collections that were the perfect marriage of wearable and innovative. The trends you’ll see highlighted for you below are the ones we saw repeated most frequently throughout the collections. They’re the ones that are the most digestible and the ones we’re predicting will be the heavy hitters all season long. Our list includes an assortment of styles that are equal parts fresh and nostalgic. With that being said, it is with great excitement that we present to you our official spring/summer 2020 trend guide. Just keep scrolling to dive in.

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    What color gown is good for the evening party wear?

    Looking for just the right evening dress can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. One easy way to ensure that you look your best is to pick the right color for your dress. Understanding which colors look good on you requires a few simple tricks, and then you’re on your way to looking your best all the time—especially at that special evening event. Consider your coloring. The combination of your skin tone, natural hair color, and eye color will determine which colors tend to look good on you. This process can seem a little complicated, but once you’ve done it, finding clothes in the right colors will be much easier…

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    Do you own a ball gown?

    Ball gown wedding dresses are the symbol of class and style that many brides dream of and this complete vintage dresses compilation is what you need! Vintage wedding dresses are many, but it is essential that you are aware of all the best ones to choose from. In this article, we will present the most exquisite choices so that your day and your look will be unforgettable!

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    What is men’s opinion on wedding gowns?

    Finding your dream wedding dress is probably one of the top things on your to-do list, and other than your personal preference, you’re probably also wondering “what style will my groom like?” Many say that men don’t see the dresses, they see the women in them, but the truth is, they do have quite a lot to say about the bridal looks they like or dislike. After doing a fun survey with 100 grooms-to-be, here are the top 6 details they’ve mentioned.  Check them out with our beautiful picks to represent each style! Get inspired! Shop High Quality 2020 Wedding Dresses Prom Dresses From Ostty!

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    45㎡ Fresh Green Home Decor

    45㎡ Polish simple and fresh small apartment. The wooden floor of the living room is matched with white walls. The hard installation is not too complicated, and the soft-legged sofa and coffee table create a more transparent and smart feeling.   – entryway – – living room – – dining room – – bedroom – – bathroom- source:https://raca-architekci.pl/realizacja-ul-srebrna-gdansk/

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    In Love with 112㎡ Minimalist White

      White romance This residence in Alicante, Spain, covers an area of 112.29㎡ and was designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. While ensuring the functionality needed for life, the space story is conveyed in the most perfect posture. The minimalist white effect is very prominent.   – living room  – – kitchen – – dining room – – upstairs – – master bedroom – – bathroom – – second bedroom- source:https://www.archdaily.com.br/br/930697/ atico-em-costa-blanca-fran-silvestre-arquitectos/

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    40 Year Old House Renovated Beautifully

      Refurbished old house 40-year-old apartment, worn out. But in the hands of the designer, he was reborn and turned into a warm and clean Nordic style house. The minimalist space is dominated by white tones, supplemented by walnut, tile, greenery and other elements. There is no dazzling and complicated decoration, everything is as simple as just right. The kitchen and living room are open and connected without visual partitions. Large windows are left in the living room to introduce sunlight and greenery, which will fill the whole home with a pure and natural feeling. – living room-                        …

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    When She Puts on Her Skirt, She Amazed the World

    A few months ago, a photographer got angry. Her name was Kristina Makeeva. Her photos always blend beauty and beauty, and it’s no exaggeration to use the word “dream” to describe her work ~ The girls in her photos always wore exquisite dresses and danced in the wind. ©ins:hobopeeba Lights, backgrounds, flowers, buildings in photos The skirts that have been carefully selected with the models Soul Blend Moscow Even those photographers Some tourist attractions Are all here Gives new “life” therefore Kristina Makee is also known as the “Photographic Witch” ▽ Lake Baikal

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    Travel Through the Wonderful Snow World

    Beautiful snowflakes, pure white, Dancing in the air; Comes gently and comfortably, Fly from the clouds to the ground. Beautiful snowflakes, pure white, The most beautiful scenery in winter; Comes day and night, Landed in the wilderness, landed on the top of the mountain. Beautiful snowflakes, pure white, Fall in the stream, fall in the forest valley; Covering the rich mansions, Thatched huts. Beautiful snowflakes, pure white, Fall on high ground, fall low; Cover the fallen leaves tightly, Flying cheerfully on the palm tree. Beautiful snowflakes, white and pure, Ah, I am obsessed with your wandering! Ah, I am convinced, I am sure, You are the most beautiful scenery in…

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    128㎡ Full of the Owner’s Love for Life

    Area: 128 square meters Style: American style living room   The living room TV wall is attached to a blue wall with flowers, which is matched with a solid wood TV cabinet, giving an overall elegant and dignified visual sense. The walls and floors are light-colored, and the furniture is reddish-brown. The combination of the whole creates a strong visual impact and leaves a deep impression. Dining Room The background wall of the master bedroom is also matched with blue and white walls, showing a more relaxed atmosphere. The American-style large bed is soft and comfortable, and the symmetrical small table lamp design is very delicate. Children’s room   Alphabet…

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